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Juni 12, 2012

Photoreal – Something In The Sky – Single Release

The members of Photoreal have been touring and recording together for several years, previously as part of the band Ayurveda. Determined to take the music in a very different direction, Diwas Gurung, Dan Halperin, and Mike Parker disbanded Ayurveda to begin the new project. Photoreal represents the opportunity for these three musicians to create something artistic, modern, and accessible. They follow the recent trend of using software as the host for an array of sounds, while still focusing on the craft of songwriting and performing with instruments. The music falls somewhere in between rock and electronic music.

The band is fronted by Nepalese singer Diwas Gurung. He is the heart of the songs as the primary vocalist and author of much of the music. Having learned English side by side with his native Nepalese, he has a unique voice in sound and lyric.

Dan Halperin is the skeleton of the music, handling the electronic base on which the music is presented. He employs extensive knowledge of current software and sound techniques to create the atmosphere in which the music exists.

Mike Parker is the driving force as the drummer and in house engineer. He is the one who turns the ideas into quality recordings and live performances.

The single from the multi-national indie-dub-step band , featuring the ┬áb-side “The Night Awaits”, is available worldwide on 7/3/2012